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Corrosion Prevention

Tec Beat EP

Corrosion Protective Coating System

Epoxy based corrosion protective coating system for steel and concrete surfaces. Can be applied overstructural steel and exposed concrete surfaces.

Tec Beat ET

Coal Tar Epoxy Coating

Coal Tar based epoxy coating system for concrete protection in aggresively corrosive conditions. Ideal for coastal area applications.

Tec Beat RB

Reinforcement Coating-Latex Based

Acrylic Polymer based reinforcement coating system for new re-bars. Ideal protection system for new reinfocement in normal and corrosive environments.

Tec Beat ZR

Reinforcement Coating-Epoxy Zinc Rich

Epoxy-Zinc Rich coating system for exposed reinforcement in concrete repairs. Can also be used for protection of re-bars in highly corroiv environments. Highly recommended for use on Re-bars in RCC in coastal conditions.