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Water Proofing Coatings

Tec Wave 2000

Waterproofing Membrane Coating

Handy and easy to apply waterproofing membrane coating system for variety of applications. Forms iinto a flexible, abrasion resisatant waterproofing membrane. Ideal for basements, sunken portions, water tanks and roofs.

Tec Wave 3000

High Flexibility Membrane

Single component high flexibility membrane coating system. Ideally suited for external applications like terrace, roofs and sunshades. Forms into a tough, flexible, wetherproof and wateproof barrier.

Tec Wave 7000

Crystallization Type Coating

A unique chemical forulationfor waterroofing and protection of concrete that penetrates concrete pores and forms insoluble crystals blocking off water entry. Ideal for negative side waterproofing in basements, swimming pools and for waterproofing, reservoirs, over head tanks and toilet slabs.

Tec Wave FG

Food Grade Epoxy coating for water Tanks

Solvent free food grade epoxy coating system for water tanks. Ideal for potable water usage tanks.

Tec Wave DP

Damp Proof Epoxy Coating

Water Miscible Epoxy coating for damp proofing. Ideal for interior damp proofing. Ideal for iterior damp proofing. Useful as a protective coating for water storage tank. Can be used as wall coating for hospitals pharmaceutical plants and food processing areas.