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Tec Mix 150

Water Reducing Admixture

High performance water reducing admixture for producing quality concrete at reduced Water- Cement ratio. Produces dence concrete with improved workability.

Tec Mix 550

Super Plasticizer

High performance super plasticizer with enhanced water reduction properties. Ideal as an admixture for high volume concreting for floors, walls or foundations. Improves work ability and reduces permeability without altering cement content. Suitable for areas with congested reinforcement. conforming to IS 9103-1999.

Tec Mix 190

Block Super Plasticizer

Specially designed super plasticizer for block making. Eliminates cracks and corner breakages in blocks. Improves early and final strenths. Conforming to IS 9103-1999.

Tec Mix 240

Retarded Super Plasticizer

Specially formulated retarder cum super plasticizer for ready mix plants to produce concrete with pumpable consistency.

Tec Mix 460


Superior accelaraitng admixture for all types of concrete. Ideal for cold weather oncreting. Allows brisk hardening of concrete without altering other properties.

Tec Mix 370

Mortar Plasticizer

Mortar Plasticizer for improved workability in mortars. Significantly reduces shrinkage cracks. Improves adhesion therby educing rebound loss.

Tec Mix 100

Integral Water Proofer-LIQUID

PGeneral purpose integral water proofer liquid for all kinds of concrete / mortar quality. Improves work ability and reduces permeability.

Tec Mix 100 (POWDER)

Integral Water Proofer-POWDER

General Purpose integral water proofer Powder for all kinds of concretes and motars. Blends well with concrete and masanary mixes to produce dence, high quality concrete/ mortars.

Tec Poroseal 300

Polymer Cement Modifier

High Performance Polymer cement Modifier. Produces low porosity, extremely cohesive concrete mixes. Ideal for basements, water retaining structures and areas in contact wth water.

Tec Mix 600

Sulphonated Melamine Super Platicizer

Sulphonated melamine based super plasticizer specifically designed for the paver industry. High early strength allows for early transportation . Being Transparent in nature, does not alter the shade or texture of pavers.

Tec Mix 640

High Range Super Plasticizing admixture

High performance admixture owith enhanced water reduction capacities and ideal for pre-cast concrete with reduction permiability by rweducing the water content and is used in all types of pavers and concrete tile making to improve strengths and production efficiency.